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At Well Well Well, we focus on providing our customers with quality herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine and other forms of alternative herbal medicine. The herbal preparations and formulas that we carry are of the utmost importance to us. Not only is it important to have great prices, but it is most important to carry herbal remedies and supplements that are of the best quality. 

Many people moving toward integrative medicine and complementary therapies to maintain a healthy lifestyle can benefit from our online and in store herbal medicine selection.

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What are the best natural supplements to boost the immune system for adults?

The best natural supplements to help with the immune system vary for adults. Astragalus, a native Chinese herb has traditionally been used to help with stress to the body. It can be found in many antiviral formulas with echinacea, a plant used by Native Americans to help with the immune system. To help with the immune system some people like to buy natural herbal supplements. When you buy online it is important to buy your herbal product online from a trusted retailer, like Well Well Well.

Should children take supplements to support their immune system?

There are natural supplements recommended by doctors and approved by health Canada that children can take for their immune system. They are things like children’s Vitamin D, Vitamin C and even Echinacea, all products safe for children indicate appropriate age and dosing. Finding your herbal supplement store “near me” allows you to talk with sales associates to find exactly the right product for your children.

Are there supplements or vitamins that can be taken to help support or prevent autoimmune diseases?

Worldwide and in Canada the benefits of herbal supplement, medicine, and products research indicates some support for autoimmune diseases. Some of these have been used traditionally for thousands of years like Korean Ginseng.

Are herbal supplements for immune system support effective?

Herbal supplements for immune system support can be effective. However, it has to be in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Always check with your health care practitioner to ensure there are no interactions if you are taking medication. Well Well Well is your online herbal medicine shop to buy for all your needs.


How many medicinal plants are known?

There are over 28000 known medicinal plants in the world. For many centuries, people have relied on nature as a source of medicine. There are nations where approximately 80 percent of the population use traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Many of the natural health products we consume today are derived from plants.

Is it OK to use dried herbs instead of fresh?

There are many benefits to dried herbs and fresh herbs. Much of it is determined by the type of herb and usage. It is more usual that dried herbs have higher antioxidant concentrations than fresh herbs. Fresh herbs have higher concentrations of water and even through the process of drying, although there is antioxidant degradation, dried herbs still possess high concentrations of antioxidants.

What does Chinese herbal medicine treat?

Chinese herbal medicine also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats a number of various ailments including insomnia, stress, pain from arthritis, among many other ailments. The main tenets of Chinese herbal medicine (TCM) is based on observing nature and our relationship with it. Herbs are at the forefront of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Within the TCM practice the most common modalities used include acupuncture, cupping, and tai chi along with herbal remedies.