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FREE SHIPPING IN ONTARIO $59.99+* | Curb side pick up available in St. Catharines




Organic Herbal Medicine & Natural Herbal Supplements

At Well Well Well, we focus on providing our customers with quality herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine and other forms of alternative herbal medicine. Many people moving toward integrative medicine and complementary therapies to maintain a healthy lifestyle can benefit from our online and in store  herbal medicine selection.

What are the benefits of taking herbal medicine and health products?

Some studies have shown that herbs rich in antioxidants may help slow the aging process and promote longevity, according to the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore. In addition it is important to consider the drug interactions with herbal medicines by consulting with your healthcare professional. Purchasing herbal supplements and products in Canada can be overwhelming, but at Well Well Well, when you order herbal supplements online we make sure they are the highest quality.

Is there a difference in taking dried or fresh herbs as a supplement?

Yes, much of it is determined by the type of herb and usage. It is more usual that dried herbs have higher antioxidant concentrations than fresh herbs. Fresh herbs have higher concentrations of water and even through the process of drying, although there is antioxidant degradation, dried herbs still possess high concentrations of antioxidants. At Well Well Well, buying herbal medicine products online has never been easier, we are your trusted herbal medicine online store in Canada and worldwide.

Will herbal remedies provide the same benefits of western medicine?

Some herbal supplement benefits will have similar effects to western medicine. There is no western medicine vs Chinese medicine, all is dependent on the individual and it is extremely important to consult a healthcare practitioner to verify for any potential counter interactions with medication or any other underlying conditions. The effectiveness of herbal medicine is dependent on the correct herbs being prescribed in conjunction with exercise and diet. When looking for “herbal supplement store near me, Well Well Well is your herbal products and herbal supplement store in Canada and worldwide.

What type of herbal products are available from Well Well Well?

There are a number of herbal products such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and Gui Pi Wan in Chinese herbal medicine available in our herbal medicine online shop. There are natural remedies for allergies, the common cold, and even hormone balance. While there is growing interest in herbal supplements, it is very important to be aware of the quality of any alternative herbal medicine. That is why you can buy your natural herbal supplements online at Well Well Well, your trusted retailer.