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Well Well Well offers a wide range of medicinal mushroom supplements and powders. We carry single medicinal mushroom supplements like reishi or chaga. We also offer delicious mushroom cacao mix blends, teas or coffee substitutes. Shop online or in store today at Well Well Well  for all your medicinal mushroom supplements and needs.


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What are the side effects of mushroom supplements?

When purchasing high quality and regulated medicinal mushroom supplements there should be no side effects. It is important you purchase from your trusted retailer, like Well Well Well to ensure you get the highest quality product to receive the maximum benefits from your mushroom supplements.

What are the health benefits of taking mushroom supplements?

Medicinal mushroom supplements and powders can have enormous benefits. Cordyceps mushrooms can help with the immune system while lion’s mane mushroom supplements are beneficial for brain health by improving memory and cognitive function. Medicinal mushrooms supplements for the brain, depression and memory all have adaptogenic properties to help the body adapt to stress. It is similar to ashwagandha supplements, another type of plant adaptogen.

How long does it take for mushroom supplements to work?

The effects of taking medicinal mushroom supplements is dependent on the blend of the product, and the health of the person. If a person is taking medicinal mushroom supplements for memory at the same time as a fish oil supplement they may have quicker results. The results can vary widely with so many different variables.

Are mushroom supplements safe to take when pregnant?

Medicinal mushrooms are considered safe and beneficial during pregnancy because they are functional foods. However, always speak with your personal healthcare provider before taking any supplements. Especially when pregnant it is important to buy the best mushroom supplements. In Canada or worldwide, Well Well Well is your one stop shop to find safe and reliable products.