DPA Gold Omega-3 (Seal Oil), 120ml



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  • Harp seal oil is a complete source of omega-3. It contains natural and balanced levels of EPA, DHA and DPA to help your health. DPA is an important part of omega-3 with proven benefits:
  • Better absorption to optimize omega-3
  • 10 x more effective than EPA in repairing damaged vessels
  • Helps boost EPA and DHA
  • Is the seal harvest humane?
    Yes. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commissioned a large study involving doctors, veterinarians and scientists to determine if the harvest was humane. They discovered that over 97% of seals are culled in a humane fashion.

      Suggested Use:

      • Children (1-13) : 1/2tsp
      • Teens (14-18) : 1/2tsp
      • Adults : 1tsp